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Guidelines for Contributing Writers

Author: | Posted on: Saturday, March 14th, 2020

  • The following guidelines are drafted by Subs and Scribes Media Ventures LLP, to enhance the frequency of acceptability of submissions by the contributors to . Kindly note that we accept unpublished News or Feature articles only.
  • The entire article(s), deck, headlines are subject to editing to meet the length, clarity and tone, without misrepresenting the message or your voice before posting on our site or partner media outlets or social media handles.
  • Any or All submitted story(s) are subject to Acceptance or Rejection as per the quantitative or qualitative equipment of the team at Subs and Scribes Media Ventures LLP and will be communicated only through email: within 01-48 hours.

Pitching a story idea? Ask yourself the following!

  • What is your purpose of writing the story/piece?
  • What is the impact of that the story can make?
  • How is the story relevant to the audience?
  • Is your story unique? If not; how is this story different from others in terms of Value added information, News Angle or tone?
  • What is the Context/Background under which the story has to go out immediately?
  • Write at-least five different element/reason or reader’s interest; for which the story has and has to be told.
  • Do you have all the facts Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How (5W AND 1 H) relevant to the story?
  • Wherever necessary, can you provide the back photos, statistics data or link to the source?
  • Can the story be delivered before the specified deadline?
  • Now, introduce the story with a Summary Lead (25-40 words, two or three sentences, with maximum one or two ideas). The ‘Summary Lead’ paragraph must not be sensational, but has to attract the reader’s to delve more into the story. Email the summary lead to:

Before writing the piece or submitting the story, please do the following checks;

  • The story must be written in active voice
  • Compelling elements of the story along with facts, numbers, quotes, data, and statistics must appear on the top, lesser relevant details can come later.
  • In case of Human interest, feature story; the story must have a backgrounder or context.
  • A sentence in a story must no longer be than 15 to 20 words.
  • Keep it short: Ground rule one sentence one message, one paragraph one idea.
  • The total word limit for a story between 450 (Minimum) to 1200 words.
  • Numbers ranging from one to nine, should generally be spelled out, above ten must be written in numerals.
  • Avoid adjectives, unless they can be defined or quantifiable.
  • Always use acronyms in brackets followed after full form, when using for the first time.
  • Quotes are indispensable (Minimum 3 quotes) – they add value to the story. Whom have you quoted? How the person’s quote is important to the story. What is the (Quoted) person’s authority on the subject matter? Has your resource answered all the question, who is the alternative resource person –to support the story idea or lead an alternative perspective
  • The author must bear in mind the privacy, safety, rights and the dignity of the person(s) referred or quoted in your story.
  • Minimize the jargons to the lowest as possible.
  • Remove speculation, vague statements or assumptions, the report is based only on facts available with you or those locally respondents or subjects who are locally accessible.
  • Constructive criticisms and words are welcome; however using profane, unrespectable, demeaning, derogatory, insensitive words or remarks must be avoided.
  • Read the story before the final draft and anticipate if you have left out any unanswered questions.
  • Draft the story in chronological and orderly manner. These must be a link between subsequent sentences and the paragraphs.
  • Fact check and Grammatical Check (UK English) must be completed.
  • Any article or submission found in contravention of the rules, regulations and ethical guidelines laid down by Press Council of India will be pulled down, without any notice.

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